i got all dressed up and put on pants and shit to go hang out with a friend and right when i get ready she’s like “oh i dunno if you can come over my cousin decided to randomly show up” so i mean that blows

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    aw poor mark :c
  2. unclekush said: Have my adopted children
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    Psh, you can come hang out here. I don’t have pizza (unless you bring some), but I do have mac ‘n’ cheese and Netflix....
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    You look Amish
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  7. spookyh3artthrob said: P.P.S you look Amish but in a cute way barely.
  8. thefreakinfandoms said: YOUR FACE. I LIKE THAT SHIT.
  9. drakensberg said: did you know they have mint flavored condoms i guess the penis acts as a toothbrush in this scenario
  10. myawesomesocks- said: stop being adorable
  11. overlydramaticurl said: Lame. She made plans with you first so the cousin should come second. -_-
  12. rain3storm said: I really dig your style.:) it’s very Tuck everlasting lol
  13. atamponinaglass said: What a sad Q
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